Sim Ota

The Annatel SIM OTA enables MNOs and MVNOs to remotely manage the files and applets of their SIM cards over the air (OTA). It is an easy to integrate, efficient and cost effective solution for

Compatible networks: 2G, 3G and 4G networks

Transport layers: SMS, HTTPS

The Annatel SIM OTA platform can update one of over a hundred SIM card’s file system. Among the most popular:

  1. SPN (Service Provider Name)
  2. PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network Name)
  3. PLMN Selection
  4. Forbidden PLMN
  5. SIM Service Table
  6. Access Control Class file
  7. Short message service parameters (SMSP)
  8. IMSI
  9. GID 1, GID 2
  10. Full provisioning of the Multi IMSI Applet (depends on the SIM Card vendor)
  11. SIM elementary file mapping
  12. Steering of Roaming
  13. Action on any other SIM Card’s file system can be implemented upon request


Launched in 2009, Annatel is an Israeli telecommunication company.

From 2019, we built and now operate and maintain our own full mobile core network (2G, 3G and 4G) to operate as a full MVNO.

As we went through the building process of a core network, we decided to work with many great vendors. However, we built many parts of our network ourselves because we were not able to find solutions we believed were light, flexible, affordable and innovative enough to allow us to continue to offer what we are striving for : innovation. As we mainly develop our products for our own use, we are our first and most demanding customers. Our products are meant to be light, flexible, affordable and easy to implement in different core networks. In 2020, we decided to offer some of our in house developed products to other operators who are looking for what we looked for in the past. The first product we are offering is a SIM OTA platform.